Thursday, November 8, 2007

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

It's amazing what you can think of when you want something and just don't have it. For example, I was testing the Queen & Co. red felt flower strip I had wondering how well it would take to ink or paint. Well, the paint was OK. The ink, on the other hand, worked really, really well. I have that felt in red, orange, black, and blue. I wanted a very dark brown. I took out my dark brown Color Box ink pad in dark brown and smooshed it all over that red felt until it was really dark brown! I let it dry and then did the true test - would it rub off? I am proud to say that it didn't! You can see it in the lower left corner of the layout below. The back side of the felt is still red.

Next, I had issues with the pipe cleaners I used for my tree. Again, I didn't have the dark brown I wanted. What is a girl to do? Again, I took a dark brown ink pad and rubbed it up and down the pipe cleaners that were already twisted together to form the trunk of the tree. I let that dry, too. Success again!!!! Now, the trunk and the felt flowers match perfectly and are a nice dark brown. After looking at the LO a couple of times, I've decided to add 2 more pipe cleaners to widen the trunk. It's too narrow.

I thought the Prima leaves needed a little spicing up. Afterall, I was on a roll, right? I pulled out my Lumin Arts Shimmering Mist in Harvest Gold and, using a paint brush, painted small sections on some of the leaves. Ohhh, it looks pretty! The gold sparkles without being glitter. It just looks rich. I think you can see it on one of the leaves.

Do you use EK Success Pop Dots? Do you just use the dots and toss away the "skeleton?" Foolish girl, if you do! Use that skeleton, too! Get out your scissors and cut segments apart as you need them. Waste not, want not! All of the leaves have been elevated on the remnants of a pop dot sheet. If you knew that, why didn't you share it first?????? LOL!!!

Last month, or DS and DIL went to Seattle for a couple of days. This is such a cute photo of our DIL. Her smile can stop a truck! I decided to scrap it to put into her album. What do you think? The title is on the left edge on the rectangular stickers.

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Autumn in Seattle

Have a good one!


Morgan said...

I think this is my most favorite layout yet! I really love everything about it! Nice work!!

twinkle teaches said...

I love the owl in the tree!

Alison said...

Wow! Talk about creative!! I love your ideas and think this is just the coolest blog!!

Nicole said...

Ok that tree trunk is awesome! Great LO!

Lauren M. said...

Love this LO! Great tip about the felt. I have some in a color of pink that I'm having a hard time using. Definately going to try inking it. Thanks Chris!

Laura S. said...

That is awesome!! Love all the tips...I am going to have to try the ink on the felt. I have it in green & red & love the idea of changing the colors. Great job!